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30 Things to Do in the U.S. for Spring Break 2021

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We know how frustrating life can feel right now, and we want to give you a list of things to do this Spring Break so you can finally catch a breath of FRESH air! Here are 30 different ideas for things to do and places to go in the United States when traveling around the pandemic.

1. Breweries

With all of the outdoor seating that is offered, we couldn't pass this one up! We cannot wait to visit all of our favorite breweries again! Check out some magnets we did for Boulevard Brewing Co. located in Kansas City, MO. This is the Bottle Cap Brewery Magnet.

2. Day Hikes

If you're looking for a short day-trip, look no further than the trails and hikes in your town or neighboring towns! Take your dog, grab your headphones, and get those legs moving. If you're really feeling inspired, try to hit a new trail or hike each time! Not sure where to find a trail? Simply just Google, "trails near me."

3. Drive-In Movies

Of course this one made the list! As big of a past time that it is, we are glad that it still remains as popular as it does, especially during these times. What is your favorite movie genre? Check your local listings and see what's playing! Are you a business? Make it fun and turn it into a local fundraiser and raise money for your local charity! Learn more here about fundraising with us!

4. Camping

This is a great way to social distance if you're worried about avoiding the virus. When you need some "away" time from the hustle and bustle of the world, get your tent, your favorite sweater, and your camping gear and GO! Are you an avid camper? Collect state magnet souvenirs from each state you've camped in! 

5. Drive-Thru Conservation Parks

One of my favorite things to do as a child was to visit the drive-in conservation parks. I remember seeing all kinds of neat animals up close such as emu, elk, and even a white tiger one time! This is a great way to spend a safe, socially-distanced trip with the family or close friend. As a business, you can check out our various animal Name-Drop stock magnets that help you save and promote your business or event in a fun, creative way!

6. Road Trip with a Destination

Know where you want to go? Make it fun and make a road trip out of it! Grab your best friends or other half and prepare for the road trip of a lifetime (get those playlists ready!) Shop state magnets here to track your travels.

7. Road Trip without a Destination

Sometimes, the fun is all in the mystery! Whether you find joy in flipping a coin (Heads to turn left, Tails to turn right) or you simply threw a pin down in your Maps app, prepare (or don't) for this spontaneous road trip! 

8. Wineries for a Girl's Trip

Yup, while the guys hit the breweries, grab your girlfriends and head to Wine Country! Sit back and relax with your favorite glass and some live music.

9. Outdoor Theater / Shows

Are you a fan of the arts? What about theater? Head to the city and check your local listings for any live shows coming up, especially the outdoor ones! With a blanket, some snacks, and mask, you can make sure this trip is safe for everyone! While you're enjoying your city trip, check out these city magnets while you're here.

10. Hit the Coast

After all of this cold weather, we cannot WAIT until our toes hit that warm sand. Hop in the car with your beach gear and hit the closest coast, whether it be a beach, coast, or lake and enjoy the water. Where are you closest to the coast? CaliforniaFlorida? Tell us below!

11. Hit the Mountains

Love the cold? Take your road trip to the mountains and relax and total serenity. Where are  you closest to the mountains? NevadaTennessee? Let us know below!

12. National Parks

Have you ever tried to hit all of the National Parks? While Spring Break might feel short-lived, there's never a better time to start! Schedule your first trip and start knocking them off the list! Which one will you go to first? Check out our favorite collection of souvenir magnets here! 

13. Rent a Small Boat / Pontoon

Whether you're on the coast or on the lake, this is a great idea for staying away from crowds while also enjoying being on the water. Plus, the private space is even better than being crammed on a cruise ship or at a busy beach!

14. Rock Climbing

We love nature; can't you tell? Get the iron going and find your local rock climbing area or drive to your nearest one and make a road trip out of it.

15. Skiing

Can't get enough of the slopes? Pack up your gear and hit the nearest lodge so you can SHRED your spring break this year! Don't forget to send home a magnet souvenir to your family! Our "Love From" collection is great for that! 

17. Backpacking

Much like hiking, sort of like camping... grab all of the gear you want for your short weekend trip and backpack where you've never gone before! 

18. Fishing

Expand your horizons and search for brand-new fishing holes you've never been before. This will surely take you to new places and new adventures while seeking out new places to fish!

19. Local Farmer's Market

Not one for road trips? Step outside of your comfort zone (with a mask) and hit up your local farmer's market. From crafted goods like honey, soaps, and even potholders, to fresh finds like eggs, flowers, vegetables, fruit, and even spirits! You'll never know what you'll find when you go here. If you're feeling adventurous, you could even start to look for other markets in surrounding areas.

20. Museums

This is one of our FAVORITE options as we love to visit the local museums in our towns and neighboring cities. Try visiting a museum you've never been to before, or try an exhibit you've never seen!

21. Mini Golf Courses

Grab your friends, hop in the car, and find the BEST mini golf course around. This one will prove to be an adventure for the books.

22. Volunteer Locally

This one may feel a little out-of-place, but it's never a bad idea to considering giving back to your community! Mask up and reach out to your local community via online or in-person and see where you can put your help this Spring Break. Nothing in the area? Evaluating some problems in your area and start your own group!

23. Get Lost in a Book

While this one keeps you physically stationary, it has to be noted that every time you open a book, you enter another world. Get lost in the words and stories of books and go through the books you've been meaning to read.

24. Become a Tourist in Your Own Town

Grab your camera, grab a friend or two, and really EXPLORE your town! Drive down streets you've never been, try restaurants you've never been to, and really act as if you are there for the first time and discover what you didn't know!

25. Landmarks

What landmarks are close to you? For us, The Bean in Chicago is only a 6 hour drive, and over Spring Break, that is a perfect trip idea! Visit your closest landmarks, snap some pictures, and remember to hang them on the fridge when you've returned.

26. Caves or Spelunking

How adventurous are you? While I love to explore the opening of caves on my hikes, I've never gone deeper than that. With the right tour guide, find your local conservation area and try cave-diving! 

27. Rent an Airbnb in Your Own Town

This one is fun! When you don't want to go away, but you want to get away, this is perfect! Change your scenery and take yourself on a "mini" vacation in a home away from home!

28. Date Night in a New City

You've been talking about that place for sometime now, now is the time to go! Get in your best clothes (even if it's just takeout) find a park, and bring the food there and have a mini date-night/picnic in the park with new foods and new scenery!

29. Travel to New Dog Parks

It's always fun to hit up the dog park, but what about finding new ones for your puppers? Bring your doggo in the car with you with food, water, treats and toys and get ready to find all-new places! Don't limit yourself to just dog parks either; look for hiking trails and other open parks to play in!

30. Frisbee Golf Courses (& Other Outdoor Places)

This is a great sport for keeping distance. Have you ever tried frisbee golf? It's a favorite! Get a frisbee and Google your closest course. Not interested in frisbee? Try searching your nearest Skate Parks, Bicycle trails, outdoor malls, and more.

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