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Original State Magnet Collector's Set - 66 Vintage Made in USA Magnets with Metal Map Display Board


Product Description

This metal, magnetic board displays all 50 Small State U.S. state magnets including Washington, D.C., Canada provinces, and Mexico and Puerto Rico. Our State Map Magnet Collector’s Board is designed to feature our Small State Map Magnets Collection of each state molded to its true shape. While these magnets do not fit together, they are a great teaching opportunity and are great for at home and in the classroom! The magnet board itself measures 29.3” by 19.6” and has four holes on each corner ready to be hung! Please note that this collector’s board will not fit on most refrigerators. This U.S. State Map Magnet Board for Small State Magnets comes with our 66-Piece Small State Map Magnets. Our magnets are perfect for any refrigerator or metal surface and they make a great gift or souvenir! Like all of our refrigerator magnets, our Small State Map Magnets are made of flexible molded rubber and are extremely durable, lasting for years to come. Each magnet measures approximately 3 inches by 3 inches. Plus, all of our magnets are made 100% in the USA. This set includes one magnetic map board and our 66-Piece Small U.S. State Map Magnets, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Classic Magnets, U.S. and Canada (Mexico + Puerto Rico) State Map Magnet Board for Small State Magnets (Magnets Included), Collectible Souvenirs.

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