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About Us

Ideaman, Inc. is a U.S. owned Manufacturing and wholesale company centrally located in Union, Missouri. We specialize in manufacturing custom designed Molded Refrigerator Magnets for theSouvenir and Promotional markets, distributing millions of our unique magnets all over the United States and Canada each year. We are proud to be the only US based manufacturer and distributor of flexible vinyl molded refrigerator magnets in America.

Molded Refrigerator Magnets have been a popular impulse item for retailers and consumers alike since their invention in the early 1970’s. They also make great give-away items for events or the promotion of businesses or services. We have been perfecting the process of designing and manufacturing high-quality molded rubber refrigerator magnets since 1992.We design and manufacture our magnets entirely in-house.  In addition to our huge selection of stock state souvenir magnets, our art department is highly qualified in creating original custom Molded Magnet graphics for business promotions, events, destinations, or attractions. We offer low minimum quantities and quick delivery time, resulting in effective and profitable magnet programs for our customers. Over the years we have received top-supplier awards in the Souvenir Industry and have been recognized as a leader in creativity, product quality, and customer service.

We are proud of our quality office, warehouse, and production facilities and the talented and hard-working team members that we employ... several of which have been with us since the beginning. As our product lines and national distribution continue to grow, it is our pledge to never lose sight of the passion we have for developing souvenirs and gift items that allow people to celebrate, commemorate, and promote their interests and experiences.

Thank You!

Ideaman, Inc.