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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Classic Magnets made from?

Our Classic Magnets are manufactured from a compound of vinyl mixed with barium ferrite (an iron metal oxide that is very receptive to magnetization). The compound is melted and injected into a mold where it instantly cools into a flexible rubber piece. This is then passed over a very powerful rare-earth magnet causing the entire piece to become magnetized.

How is the size figured for a Classic Magnet?

The size of a Classic Magnet is measured in square-inches, based on the actual amount of surface (area) that the magnet occupies. Classic Magnets are not die-cut, which means that there is no scrap. Therefore, a five square-inch Classic Magnet will use ALL five square inches of space, as opposed to a die-cut magnet which will use a length x width calculation to determine the size, but then lose material when it is cut out. In this case, a five square-inch Classic Magnet will be physically larger than a 5 square-inch die-cut magnet.

How strong is the magnetization of a Classic Magnet?

Our Classic Magnets are magnetized throughout the whole rubberized piece, making the entire surface magnetic. Our production process insures that our magnets will have a reliable and strong adhesion to metal, capable of holding up several pieces of paper on your refrigerator.

Where are the Classic Magnets produced?

Classic Magnets are produced start-to-finish right here in our facility in Union, Missouri. We are proud to be the only Made in the U.S.A manufacturer of molded magnets still in operation.

Will the map magnets fit together like a puzzle of the United States?

Unfortunately, due to the varying sizes of the US states (and Canadian provinces as well), it isn't logical to size our magnets to scale. As an example, Texas is more than 200 times larger than Rhode Island. For these two states to be in the same puzzle-type magnet set and for the smaller magnets to still be detailed, the larger magnets like Texas and Alaska would be too large to fit on your fridge.