About Massachusetts Souvenir Magnets

These collectible Massachusetts refrigerator magnets make great souvenirs and feature state information, maps, historical facts, and classic vintage graphics of Massachusetts icons.

Our Massachusetts fridge magnets feature dimensional graphics and bright colors, are extremely durable, and are 100% made in the USA (excluding the Artwood state magnet, which is made in Canada, but designed in the USA).

If you are looking for a Massachusetts souvenir, these Massachusetts state magnets are a great idea - they make fantastic mementos or gifts. Our Massachusetts shape magnets also make great collectors items!

Massachusetts Facts

  • Capital: Boston
  • Largest City: Boston
  • Bird: Chickadee
  • Flower: Mayflower
  • Horse: Morgan Horse
  • Fish: Cod
  • Game Bird: Wild Turkey
  • Insect: Ladybug
  • Tree: American Elm
  • Gem: Rhodonite
  • Marine Mammal: Right Whale
  • Nickname: Bay State
  • Postal Abbreviation: MA
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18 of 18 Items