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4 Piece Set of Marine Magnets


Product Description

This set of 4 U.S. Marine Corps magnets contains a U.S. Marine Corps Seal Magnet, a "Once a Marine, Always a Marine" round seal magnet, and a flashy "Semper Fi" magnet, and a spirited "OOH-RAH!" magnet. These durable 1/10"-thick flexible molded-rubber refrigerator magnets are 100% made in the USA by hard-working Americans! Each magnet is roughly 5 square inches in size.

Quantity Pricing:
 - 1-24 pieces: $10.99 each
 - 25-49 pieces: $10.44 each
 - 50-99 pieces: $9.89 each
 - 100+ pieces: $9.34 each
*Note: Quantity Pricing is only available for multiples of magnets within the same category. 

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