Magnet Souvenirs & Why People Want to Buy Them

Magnet Souvenirs & Why People Want to Buy Them

Posted by Classic Magnets on Feb 10th 2021

The appeal of souvenirs comes from the desire to create lasting memories from a trip to some distant destination. Coming in many sizes and shapes, these objects help people to remember a fantastic voyage and show other people where they visited. The right custom souvenir will have an emotional impact on the buyer long after the initial purchase.

Fridge magnets are the perfect souvenir for anyone on the go, and they’re an easy sell for multiple reasons. But just what about a magnet makes people want to buy it? Welcome to Souvenir Fridge Magnets 101, where we will walk you through the impact that magnets, specifically our magnets, can have on a buyer and in turn, on your business.

Custom-Made Refrigerator Magnets

Magnets come in many shapes and sizes — some are small, some are large, others are flat, while ours are 3D. However, Classic Magnets provides magnets that stand out from the rest with our custom designs. We help you take your ideas to the next level with molded magnets that are crafted based on your ideas, even if that is just a description.

This process gives you a magnet that pops off the shelf and draws people in. When they see a unique design, it grabs their attention and makes them want to commit to a purchase. Even if they aren’t a collector, they will want to buy a magnet for the sentimental value alone.

Emotional Value

Speaking of sentimental value, a magnet holds a special place in a person’s heart when they buy it. Unlike other souvenirs that are bought and stored away or placed on a shelf, magnets often hold a prominent position in the home on the fridge. A refrigerator magnet has a distinct place in someone’s home as it is a frequently viewed location, so they will always be reminded of their trip.

It will also draw the eye of visitors, who will see and comment on it and ask about the trip—and now will have the idea to visit as well. A high quality magnet will stay with your customers for longer than you might imagine and can bring more people back to you.

A Low Investment

Tourists commit to purchasing a well-made magnet because it is affordable and can hold a lot of memories. Our magnets are one-of-a-kind quality products that offer competitive pricing to boot. These magnets are inexpensive for you to buy and inexpensive for your customers to buy as a result. With a magnet price range sitting under five dollars, your gift shop will see a rise in sales, guaranteed.

Because our magnets are designed to fit your particular needs, such as showcasing promotional products or your popular tourist attraction, you will see more and more customers lining up to buy them. People feel much less hesitant about making a small purchase than a large one, and a magnet is the ideal small purchase to make.

Classic Magnets has perfected the magnet market, with the only U.S.-based magnets in the industry. Our custom souvenir magnets give you an attractive edge over other gift shops or stores, with fast turnaround from the design to creation phase, excellent customer service to walk you through every stage of the process, and a product that stands out from the rest on the shelves.

Create Custom Magnets with Classic Magnets!

Are you searching for the right souvenir supplier? Classic is the design and production partner you’ve been looking for. We design and produce all of our souvenir magnets at our in-house facility, so we can deliver accountability, transparency, and cost-effective products like no other supplier in the industry. Get in touch with our team to get started on creating your custom souvenir magnets today!